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04/04/2012 - Launch of our New Booking Engine
We have been working hard over the last year to improve our Booking Engine for our hotel partners, we are now in the final stages and we are very excited! .... more>>

04/04/2012 - CentralR App Developers!
We are happy to announce that CentralR.com have now moved into 'App Development' for Hotels!.... more>>

04/04/2012 - CentralR.com Version 5.0
CentralR.com Version 5 has been announced!.... more>>

11/05/2010 - All Irish airports open until 1am tomorrow
All Irish airports will remain open until at least 1am tomorrow, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) said.
.... more>>

11/05/2010 - Few Aer Lingus flights cancelled
Aer Lingus has confirmed that it has cancelled a number of flights between Ireland and Spain this evening.
.... more>>

11/05/2010 - IAA clears airports to stay open to 1pm tomorrow
All Irish airports will remain open until at least 1pm tomorrow, the Irish Aviation Authority has announced..... more>>

07/05/2010 - Massive' Ash Cloud Closing Western Irish Airports
Iceland's volcano
has produced a 1,000-mile-wide ash cloud off the west coast of Ireland .... more>>

05/05/2010 - Air travel misery for passengers
Dublin Airport is to shut from 11am until at least midnight, causing travel misery for thousands of passengers, it was confirmed today.

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26/04/2010 - Ash crisis cost Irish tourism €50m

The travel disruption caused by the cloud of volcanic ash over Europe cost the Irish tourism sector about €50 million, according to the Central Statistics Office's head of business statistics..... more>>

22/04/2010 - Air Traffic now up to 90% But Brits Still Stuck
Thousands of Britons are still stranded abroad as UK air traffic is expected to reach up to 90% capacity this morning..... more>>

22/04/2010 - Ryanair agrees to compensate delayed passengers!!
Ryanair today ended its defiance of EU regulations by agreeing to compensate its passengers caught up in the volcano crisis.
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21/04/2010 - Passengers begin their journey back home
Exhausted passengers are preparing to fly home today, and some have already arrived, after aviation chiefs gave the green light for Irish and UK airspace to reopen.
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21/04/2010 - UK Airports Open finally, but Warning Over Delays
UK airports have been reopened sparking a massive operation to bring home thousands of stranded Britons..... more>>

21/04/2010 - Aer Lingus flights to operate after 1pm
Three flights have now touched down in Dublin this morning, all from the US. There has also been one departure to Atlanta in the United States.
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20/04/2010 - Shannon Airport re-opens for landings only.
Shannon Airport has reopened this afternoon, however there will be no scheduled departures for the rest of the day..... more>>

20/04/2010 - Ryanair adds extra flights for stranded passengers
Ryanair is to operate additional flights from Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Tenerife to Madrid this week, to get stranded passengers as far as mainland Europe

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20/04/2010 - Ryanair cancels Ireland and UK flights until Friday 24th
Ryanair has decided to cancel all of its flights between Ireland and the UK until 1pm on Friday, April 23.
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04/02/2010 - ‘New’ Reviews Section Launched on CentralR.com
We are delighted to announce the launch of our new enhanced guest reviews system on CentralR.com. The new system includes a review score for every hotel as well as a detailed scoring system for all of the key points that guests look too when accessing a hotel property. Unlike some other websites which have the facility open to anyone to review a hotel online, all guest reviews added to CentralR.com are exclusively from customers who have booked and stayed at the property through CentralR.com.


31/01/2010 - CentralR.com reaches 5000 hotels
Yes, we add our 5000th hotel partner this month. We expect to have over 6000 hotels on the site before the end of 2008. We're continually striving to add quality hotels in key locations Worldwide.

Commenting on this milestone, CentralR.com said, “Our aim has always been to handpick Quality hotels in great city centre locations that provide value for money for our customers. We don't believe in adding hotels just for the sake of it. As we hit another great.... more>>

19/01/2010 - CentralR.com partners with Fastcheck.se to launch Free City Travel Guides
CentralR.com has partnered with Fastcheck.se and so now customers can choose from over 300 destination guides Worldwide. The guides will be free for CentralR.com customers and will ensure they always know what's happening in the cities they wish to travel too. The guides include maps, restaurants, an events guide and so much more.

“Over the past few years the online hotel booking landscape has changed, with the surge in social networking the modern traveller always wants to know as m.... more>>

01/01/2010 - A New look for CentralR.com
Today sees the launch of the new look CentralR.com .The new site includes many new features such as free city travel guides for over 300 cities.

“We're delighted with the re-design and we feel our customers will be very excited by our new look and our new added features. Over the past 12 months we have been listening to our customers and our hotel partners and so the re-design represents their feedback as well as our thoughts on the way forward for booking hotels on the internet. The s.... more>>

22/10/2008 - Hilton Gatwick Airport signs with CentralR.com
About the Hilton Gatwick

The Hilton Gatwick hotel has 846 rooms and is the only hotel linked by covered walkway to the South Terminal at Gatwick Airport, the hotel is 30 minutes from central London. All rooms have high-speed internet access. Family rooms sleep five and executive accommodation has Executive Lounge access..... more>>

12/09/2008 - Maldron Group joins forces with CentralR.com
We’re delighted to announce the addition of the Maldron Group to CentralR.com.

About the Maldron Group

Maldron Hotels, a new mid-market brand in Irish hospitality was launched on 1st September 2008. The group currently comprises nine hotels situated in key locations throughout Ireland with in excess of 1,500 bedrooms.

Maldron Hotels offer value and hospitality in great locations, delivering a refreshing and responsive service to their guests..... more>>

25/08/2008 - De Vere Group and CentralR.com partner
We’re delighted to announce that the addition of the DE Vere Group to CentralR.com.

About the De Vere Group

From the sunny South Coast of England to the wild Scottish Highlands the De Vere group boast 27 unique, luxury hotels..... more>>

28/07/2008 - CentralR.com New Logo
CentralR.com has launched there new brand identity today. The new brand identity includes an innovative, modern logo and a design concept that uses an easily identifiable character with a bright and eye-catching colour scheme. This logo will illustrate the easiness and dependability of the brand. From now on when ever you see our new bellboy logo you will be assured of the best hotel rates in Europe.... more>>

06/05/2008 - CentralR.com hits your TV screens!
Five months of concentrated design work by renowned marketing agency and designers Flame Creative were finalised recently when CentralR.com’s first foray into television advertising was announced.

The television ad has two 20 second versions, one specifically for the UK featuring the vocal talents of Peter Serafinowicz (The Voice of “Darth Maul” – “Star Wars Episode 1:The phantom menace) and one for the Irish market featuring the vocal talent of Rebecca O’Mara. Further executions are planned .... more>>

12/03/2008 - First CentralR.com Newsletter sent out to Hoteliers
CentralR.com’s first Relationship marketing newsletter specifically designed for hoteliers was sent out today. We will be sending this on a monthly basis to all of our hotel partners including an update on all CentralR.com news, tips for increasing revenue, and reminders about upcoming events, marketing advice and much more on a monthly basis.

Jonathan Power, Brand and Marketing Manager for CentralR.com, said, “It is vitally important between business partners to keep an open communication c.... more>>

01/02/2008 - First CentralR.com Newsletter sent out
CentralR.com’s first newsletter to guests was sent out today. We will be sending this to all of our guests with updates on all our events, special offers, celebrations from around the world, travel advice and much more on an ongoing basis. We’ll be looking forward to keeping our guests entertained and giving them ideas for their travel plans over the next year. Of course we won’t forget to give them really special offers as well!

Jonathan Power, Brand and Marketing Manager for CentralR.com, s.... more>>