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Auckland, New Zealand - Frequently Asked Questions from Guests

Frequently Asked Questions [Comments - Feedback]

  • Our site gives you access to over 8,400 hotels around the world, simply type your destination in the search engine box, select your arrival and departure dates, number of adults/rooms our system will display what hotels are available including rates, distance from the city centre, room types available etc, use the drop down menu to select the number of rooms you wish to reserve, click on book and follow the on screen prompts to complete your booking.

    If you have specific requirements i.e. swimming pool or golf facilities please use our advance search option.

    Whether you have a favourite Hotel or have just the location, tell us your key words by entering them into the search box (which we have located so you won't be able to miss it)! If you have the dates already planned then tell us those as well, click 'search' and our database will spring to life and display either an exact match for your chosen Hotel, or an assortment of Hotels if you have entered a country or city. You are then free to casually browse through this selection OR if you are on a frantic mission (booked the flights, forgot the Hotel?!) you can narrow your search by altering criteria such as star rating, lowest to highest price or vice versa, you can even let CentralR do the recommending for you, there are many options to assist you with finding your perfect Hotel. The reservation process has simple steps to guide you along the way to completing your reservation, however should you ever experience any difficulties or just require some advice or further assistance then do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team.

  • Once you have completed the booking process, a 7 digit reference number is displayed confirming your reservation. All bookings are confirmed instantly and you will also receive an instant confirmation email which you can print off and bring to the hotel. For provisional bookings the hotel will contact you directly.

  • We happily accept Visa and MasterCard. (Please note laser cards are only suitable for booking hotels in Ireland)

  • To book additional rooms/nights please log into your account with the username and password we sent you and follow the above instructions or just call one of our friendly customer service team at one of our offices here

  • The rate you pay includes all taxes and charges, unless we let you know otherwise, our site will also let you know very clearly if your rate includes a breakfast.

  • Each Hotel has their own cancellation policy and this is noted on the booking page at the time of booking, chances are you didn't pay much attention to this as you weren't intending to cancel your reservation, so just phone Customer Service and they will find the information for you.

  • There is generally a limit of how many rooms you are able to book simultaneously, if there aren't enough rooms for your travel party then call customer service and they will do their best to rustle up a few more for you and your guests.

  • The Hotel details are all printed on your confirmation email, keep this email handy as it has all the information you will need for your booking.

  • If you needed to cancel your reservation for whatever reason, and you are within the Hotel policy then we will be happy to transfer your deposit towards a future booking with CentralR, just call Customer Service and they will arrange this for you.

  • Should you require a receipt for your payment then email, remember to quote your reservation number so we issue the correct receipt as quickly possible, all requests will be processed during office hours, Monday to Friday 9am-6pm GMT.

  • We do our best to let you know if our Hotels have parking available and to what extent, off street, underground, is there a charge etc! Firstly check the Hotel website under 'Facilities' and if you are still unsure, contact Customer Service and they will be able to clarify this for you.

  • If you no longer wish to receive our newsletters then simply click on the link below, let us know if there is something we can improve or something you would like to see in our newsletters, we always welcome feedback. Unsubscribe.

  • We do not provide letters for the purposes of obtaining a visa please contact your hotel directly.

  • A pre-authorisation is a validity check of your credit card. This "blocks" an amount which could range from one night to the entire stay, this is a precaution that the hotel takes in case of no show late cancellation, and to reduce fraud.

  • Of course, just call one of our friendly customer service team at one of our offices here with a credit or debit card and we will help you find the perfect Hotel.

  • We work hard to offer the very best prices available to save you time and money, however if you do manage to find a lower price whilst scouring the internet on your 'lunch break', then let us know. If there is a lower rate available for the same dates and the same hotel, you must contact us within 24 hours of booking your hotel and we will either pull strings to match it or refund your deposit. For more information please click the below link for more information.

  • You are able to tinker with your reservation by logging into your very own account using the username and password we emailed you when you made your reservation, just got to 'My Hotel Reservation' on or click the link below;

    Once you have located the email and found your unique details, click 'View Reservation' (next to the booking you wish to make changes to) the drop down box will give you the option to change your arrival/departure dates, add to the number of adults or children, or to request an extra room, just select the option that relates to you and follow the prompts. If you wish to cancel your reservation all together there is a link at the very bottom of the page.

    For any difficulties or for alterations that you can't seem to make yourself, then just give the customer service team a call and they we happily assist you.

  • Should you have a special request to make your holiday that little bit better, then please make use of the 'request' box on the booking page when making your reservation. Our Hotel's will do their best to meet your requirements, however we don't like to make false promises so remember special requests aren't always possible.

  • We will let you know by sending you an email confirming the cancellation, if you have any doubts or if your email has gone on its own holiday and you can't find it, then just give the customer service team a call and they will quickly be able to let you know.

  • Should you require any little extras after you have made your booking, then just phone Customer Service and they will do their best to arrange this for you should the Hotel have them available.

  • The details don't have to match, but to save any awkward moments, make sure you have permission from the card holder first. There is a non-refundable booking deposit that is charged at the time of reservation. The card is also used to guarantee the booking, so in the event that you forget to turn up, then you may be charged a 'no show' or late cancellation fee by the Hotel.

  • In the unlikely event that you don't receive a confirmation email, firstly check your spam folder in case we have been confused as junk and need rescuing! Our email may just be a little lost, so give it a little time to consult a map and find its way to your inbox, if this fails then contact the customer service team and they will send you an email that is better with directions.

  • If the excitement got too much and you forgot to top up your credit card, then just phone customer service once the credit card is back to life and we will put your booking through for you. We don't recommend you email or fax your credit card details for security reasons, we want to keep your details as safe as possible.

  • If you would like to join by signing up your Hotel or Hotel's, then contact our friendly sales team and they will walk and talk you through the process and have you filling rooms with in no time!

    Please contact our sales team at one of our offices here (link offices to contact us page popup window) or click the below link

  • uses SSL encryption technology, SSL technology encrypts your credit card information before it is sent over the internet.

    You will notice that the http in the address bar changes to https - the 'S' stands for secure, in addition you will also notice a pad-lock in the address bar which signifies the page you are viewing is secure.

    For security we will never email or fax your full credit card number.

  • Please contact our Customer Service Team via email with your booking reference number and the details you would like changed.

  • We do not accept vouchers on our site please contact the organisation that has issued the voucher.

  • Our site does accept bookings made the same day as the arrival date all hotel partners are responsible for managing their own rates/availability, we do however recommend that you re-confirm last minute bookings or bookings made the same day as the arrival date should you have any queries please contact our customer service team.

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